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 Whitman, MA 02382


  Local:     (781)447-1818

 Toll Free:(800)441-1014

  Fax:       (781)447-4610






 Hygienists, Assistants & Front Desk: p We have over 36 years servicing dental professionals in Massachusetts. p Our extensive client base helps us to provide you with assignments that are convenient to you. p Our long standing staff offers a more caring, personalized approach to the temporary industry. p We take pride in the temporary dental hygienists and assistants that we hire, as well as the dental offices that we have built relationships with since 1978. p Let our reputation as a competent, caring agency help you earn extra income at your convenience. To apply to become a Dental-Temporaries Hygienist or Assistant, fill out the On-line Application or download the Application PDF under the forms tab and send in all the necessary paperwork.


 REMINDER It is imperative that time cards are either mailed or faxed so that we receive them no later than 10:00 am on Tuesday. Lately many have come in late and it causes a lot of problems with our payroll system. For now on late time cards will be put on the following week's payroll. NO EXCEPTIONS! We are diligent with our end of the payroll. We appreciate your cooperation. Thank you, Diane & Patty